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On-Site GED Classes a "Blessing" to Residents

Denise Williams 2

Fifty-four-year-old Denise Williams never entertained the idea of going to college after she dropped out of school at age 15, but now that Maplewood Apartments has partnered with The Martinsville Adult Education program to provide GED classes on-site at the Martinsville, Va. rental community, Williams has allowed herself to consider pursuing a degree in Theology.

According to Resident Services Coordinator Tracey Scott-Harris, Williams is not alone. “Three people signed up within five minutes of us posting a sign that we would be offering GED classes at Maplewood’s community center. The response was amazing! Over 15 people registered for the classes, and several more have expressed interest in participating at a later date.”

“The residents are very excited to have this program come to Maplewood because transportation is a big issue for them,” added Scott-Harris. Williams agreed, saying, “I don’t have a car so it’s a blessing to have the GED classes taught on site. Thank God for this program. It means a lot to someone like me who can’t get across town to take classes.”

Maplewood resident and GED participant April Encinia is also a big fan of the program. “It’s great that we can go to class right here at our own apartment complex. It’s like living on campus!”

Scott-Harris explained that every Tuesday and Wednesday from 10 a.m. – 1:00 p.m., the class participants are hard at work “trying to achieve something most never thought possible. They come to class on time every week and are deeply engaged in the conversations and complete their homework.” Several of the resident also come to the center to use the computer for refresher work on days that there are no classes being held.

Williams did not expect to remember material from the classes she took when she was young, but reports “it’s all coming back to [her] now. I’m passing my classes and it’s wonderful!”