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Finding a Home in a Hurry


When India Metz was transferred to Roanoke from Virginia Beach, she knew she would have to make some important decisions quickly. She determined that instead of renting, she was ready to begin the journey to homeownership. Because she would be a first-time homeowner, Metz decided that she would need some help understanding all the steps in buying a home. Since the mission of CHP Homeownership and Realty is to help home buyers make informed decisions and ease the stress and confusion of buying a home, it was a perfect partnership. Plus, she had been referred to CHP by a friend who knew she was moving.

Metz called CHP on a Thursday in late September and made a plan to visit the area for the weekend. After that initial conversation, one of the Homeownership Advisors on staff requested a pre-approval for her from several local lenders. By Friday she had a pre-approval in hand and a plan to look at six homes on Saturday with Neil Croy, a CHP realtor. Metz and Croy spent that Saturday looking at homes, and on Sunday morning, she contacted Croy to see one of the homes a second time. After that viewing, Metz knew she was ready to make a decision. They put an offer in about midday on Sunday and after one round of negation with some very motivated sellers, she was under contract. All in four days!

“The electronic communication made it so much easier and quicker to communicate with the staff at CHP,” Metz said. “I uploaded all my documents online and after that it was really straightforward.” Metz used the CHP online portal, Compass, to upload her financial documents for review by the Homeownership staff. That allowed staff to shop for different loan products for her and find the right one very quickly. She closed on her new home in about six weeks with no bumps along the way and completed her journey to homeownership on November 18, 2015. Metz settled into her home with her fiancé and her two dogs--just in time to decorate for Christmas!