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Going Above and Beyond


For 40 years, CHP has been creating healthy, sustainable, and affordable homes and communities for individuals and families.  However, much of this work couldn't be accomplished without the collaborative nonprofit and philanthropic relationships developed by CHP's Resident Services department.

One such partnership was created in March 2015 when CHP paid for a one-year membership with Good 360, a nonprofit clearing house for stores' excess inventory that allows nonprofits and individuals to work together to do more social good though product giving.  With the help of Good 360, CHP was connected with Bed Bath & Beyond in Christiansburg.  Each Wednesday, CHP Resident Services Coordinators from CHP pick-up goods at the local Bed Bath & Beyond where they are supplied with high quality items such as comforters, pillows, coffee pots, organizers, bath mats, drinking glasses, shower curtains, calendars, Keurig machines, and even car seats.

The items are then distributed to residents at several CHP rental communities across the state. Most individuals and families living in CHP apartments earn below 50 percent of the Area Median Income, and many tenants are single parents, disabled and/or elderly.

Jatysha Rosado, Resident Services Coordinator at Rivermeade Apartments in Yorktown, Va. remarked that, "Here at Yorktown Square Apartments we have received so many great items from Bed Bath & Beyond such as bedding, pillows, and curtains that we have been able to give to our residents.  Gloria Logan, a 62-year-old Yorktown Square resident, was recently able to replace all of her bedding through the partnership with Bed Bath & Beyond and she was so thankful!"

As of July 2015, almost $21,000 in merchandise has been donated to CHP.  These items have not only gone to apartment complexes in Southwest Virginia, but have reached CHP communities in eastern Virginia.  While many of the items have been able to serve in emergency situations, they can also be used as welcome gifts for new tenants, resident incentives, and even prizes for Bingo, which encourage participation in social events hosted by Resident Services.

Zaida Reyes, Resident Services Coordinator at Lafayette Apartments in Williamsburg, Va. said, "The donated items are very useful for our residents, especially the elderly, who often have a limited income and cannot splurge on nice things for their home. We are fortunate to have the partnership with Bed Bath & Beyond and Good 360."