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CHP Helps Uruguay Achieve Globally Significant Weatherization Milestone

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In a global first, Uruguay will be the first country outside of the United States to implement a state-sponsored Weatherization program for low-income residents. A pilot program is scheduled to launch in 2016 with field assistance from the nonprofit Weatherizers Without Borders (WWB) and training provided by CHP Energy Solutions.

Representatives from the government of Uruguay will take online classes in building science and safety through CHP’s Energy Solutions Research and Training Center, which now has several of its courses available in Spanish. The Uruguayan officials have also planned to travel to CHP’s 12,600-square-foot training facility in Christiansburg, Va. to receive hands-on weatherization training.

Staff with WWB, which combats energy inefficiency and energy poverty in order to improve the health, safety, comfort, and economy of families across the globe, will then deliver on-site training to Uruguyan energy workers as they begin to implement the pilot program.

According to CHP Vice President of Energy Solutions and WWB Vice President and COO Mark Jackson, the housing stock in Uruguay looks very different from most homes in the U.S., but the principles of building science are universal. “Many low-income homes in Uruguay have dirt floors and corrugated metal roofs that leak and foster rampant mold growth, but because air and moisture behave the same everywhere, we can help our international trainees apply these fundamental concepts to homes in their own country.”

“This is a significant milestone in the weatherization industry and we are proud to help facilitate it,” continued Jackson. “Our goal is for Uruguay, and ultimately other nations in Latin America, to expand weatherization services to other parts of the country upon the successful roll out of the pilot.