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Boot Camp a Boost for Builders


CHP is ready to send construction industry professionals to Boot Camp, but not the "drop-and-give-me-forty-push-ups" kind of boot camp made famous in movies like G.I. Jane and Jarhead. Instead, CHP’s Energy Solutions Research and Training Center is offering a two-day workshop at the end of August that is described by Director of Training Phil Hull as “an intensive, interactive, and collaborative learning experience” that equips trainees with the most current construction industry information and skills needed to “maintain an edge in the business and provide the highest quality services to their clients.”

From August 31 to September 1, CHP Builders’ Boot Camp participants will get hands-on training from some of the country’s most experienced industry professionals in subject areas such as advanced air sealing pressure diagnostics, polyurethane spray foam insulation, and quality HVAC design and installation. Boot Camp trainees will have access to the Training Center’s state-of-the art teaching equipment, including CHP’s House of Pressure, the Pressure House, and other innovative props housed in the HVAC, Air Sealing and Insulation, and Diagnostic Labs.

Kevin Grubb, who is a private contractor and took part in a CHP Builders’ Boot Camp last fall, said he was glad he signed up for the program. “I picked up different techniques that will save us money on our jobs…like different ways to air seal and where to air seal.”

Another past-participant remarked that, “the best part about Builders’ Boot Camp was the contacts I made because they will be invaluable for my work as a contractor.”

According to Hull, a number of other Boot Camp trainees indicated that they, “loved the immersive sessions, the hands-on learning, and especially the ability to spend time with like-minded professionals.”

Added Hull, “My goal for the Builders’ Boot camp is to provide short, intense boost of knowledge, skills, and abilities that will empower local builders and weatherization professionals to continue to build safe, and energy efficient homes. I feel confident that participants will come away with useful and relevant knowledge that they can immediately apply to their work.”

The cost of registration, which is $595, includes lunch on both days, as well as a networking reception.

To learn more or to register for CHP Builders' Boot Camp, click here.