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CHP Named One of NeighborWorks America's Top Ten Producers for 2006

Christiansburg, Virginia – With a national network of more than 240 community-based organizations in 50 states, NeighborWorks® America (NW) has announced their top ten producers for 2006 in the areas of direct investment, homeownership units, rehab units for existing owners, multi-family units, owned or managed units, and programmatic units.

Community Housing Partners (CHP) was named as a top producer in four separate categories. In the production of rehab units for existing owners, CHP was named the network’s top producer with 376 units and 7% of the total network’s production. In the production of multi-family units, CHP was named the third largest producer with 477 units and 7.5% of total network production.

CHP also received top producer for owned or managed units with 4,136 units with 6.7% of the entire network.

CHP also was the second highest producer in NW’s Rural Initiative with 900 programmatic units or 2.7% of the network’s production.

All data was collected by NW’s Organization Assessment Division: Data Collection Unit for production from January 1 – December 31, 2006.