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It's Easy Being Clean and Green at Northway Apartments

Green cleaning products

Cleaning house is not usually something to get excited about, but  there was a definite buzz at Northway Apartments in Galax, Virginia earlier this month when property management staff unveiled CHP’s first Clean Green Station. Conveniently located in Northway’s community room and available at no cost to all residents, the cleaning hub houses highly concentrated eco-friendly household cleaners for glass, bathrooms, surfaces, and heavy-duty dirt and grime.

The Clean Green Station is part of a broader initiative called CHP SMART Homes, which is a comprehensive green tenant education program and utility data benchmarking system developed, delivered, and evaluated by CHP as a participant in the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development/U.S. Department of Energy Better Buildings Challenge.

According to CHP Regional Property Manager Melissa Neugent, the purpose of the cleaning station is to make house cleaning safer, easier, and more affordable for Northway’s residents while also easing their impact on the environment.

“Cleaning products are something every household must have, but most cleaners you buy at the supermarket contain ingredients that may be harmful to your health and your family’s health, as well as to the planet. At CHP, we are committed to promoting healthy and sustainable homes and communities, which is why we made the decision to offer our residents cleaners that are less toxic than traditional store-bought products.” Neugent explains that in addition to the health and environmental benefits of the Clean Green Station, residents will also save money by using a concentrated form of cleaner. “Less product is needed to get the job done, which also means less money is spent.” 

During the Clean Green Station launch and demonstration, Northway residents were provided with their own bottles for mixing cleaning solutions as well as a reusable tote for carrying their supplies. Residents were also encouraged to provide feedback about the products so that their long-term effectiveness can be assessed.

Gay Zachary, Northway’s property manager, said many of the residents were eager to learn about the new cleaners available to them and had fun testing them out. “The Clean Green Station is a great addition to our community,” said Zachary. “Now it really is easy being green!”