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CHPC Staff Participate in First National Community Development Conference in New Orleans Since 2005 Hurricanes

New Orleans, Louisiana - Nine Community Housing Partners (CHPC) staff and board members were working hard in the Big Easy by participating in training and volunteer opportunities at the NeighborWorks® Training Institute held Dec. 11-15 in New Orleans.

The CHPC team was a part of the 1,900 non-profit leaders who participated in the first national community development conference hosted in New Orleans since the 2005 hurricanes. Established in 1987, the Institute offers education, certification, networking opportunities and other resources to tens of thousands of people who are seeking to revitalize their communities.

In addition to training courses and seminars, the CHPC staff visited recovering neighborhoods in the Upper and Lower Ninth Ward and joined over a hundred other NeighborWorks® volunteers who worked with the New Orleans Recovery School District to remove debris and cut back overgrowth on the grounds of a high school that has not been reopened since the hurricanes.

On Dec. 11, NeighborWorks® America hosted the official opening of a new Louisiana office in New Orleans, which will work with local, regional and national partners to help rebuild homes, develop new affordable housing and strengthen Gulf Coast communities as well as serve as the home base for the coordination of NeighborWorks® rebuilding efforts in the state.

CHPC is a chartered member of NeighborWorks®, a nationwide network of more than 240 trained and certified community development organizations at work in more than 4,000 communities across America. Working in partnership with others, NeighborWorks® organizations are leaders in revitalizing communities and creating affordable housing opportunities for low-and moderate-income families.

Almost a year and a half since the hurricanes devasted the Gulf Coast region in September 2005, much work is still needed to rebuild these communities.