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Executive Retirement Announced at CHP

Susan Sisk-sm

After 21 years working to create affordable housing opportunities and provide related human services to individuals and families across the Southeast, Community Housing Partners (CHP) Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Susan Sisk announced her retirement, effective as of December 31, 2014. Sisk has been succeeded by Andy Hall as CAO and Karen Turner as Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO).

As an integral member of CHP’s leadership team, Sisk was intimately involved with the organization’s strategic direction to include the significant growth of its business lines and expansion of its service area. Since Sisk’s arrival at CHP in 1993, the organization’s real estate portfolio spread from Virginia to cover five additional states and its services grew to include resident and youth programming, architectural design, realty, and asset management. CHP now manages a multifamily housing inventory of over 6,000 apartments that are home to over 15,000 individuals and, in 2013 alone, $53 million was spent in real estate development activities across the region. The organization also performs almost half of Virginia’s weatherization services and provides energy efficiency training across the U.S. and in South America.

“Twenty-one years ago, Susan was a critical member of the small group of individuals that grew into the company of 400 employees that we know today. Her passionate commitment to our mission has been a major contributor to CHP’s growth and success,'' said CHP President and Chief Executive Officer Janaka Casper. “Her tireless efforts have helped improve the quality of life for countless underserved individuals, fostered strength and growth in communities across the region, and contributed to a better environment for future generations.”

Sisk’s many responsibilities as CAO also included the oversight of CHP’s resource development, outcomes measurement, employee training, marketing and public relations, human resources, information technology, energy conservation services, facility management, and administrative personnel.

Prior to assuming her executive title at CHP, Sisk was director Tekoa, Inc., once a subsidiary of CHP that provided residential treatment and special education services for at-risk youth in Virginia, and was instrumental in establishing a resident services department that now delivers training and services to 2,867 adults and children living at 40 rental communities in Virginia and Florida.

According to CHP Vice President of Resident Services Angie Roberts-Dobbins, Sisk has long been a fierce champion for programs and services that enhance the quality of life for residents—from health and wellness and job readiness, to academic, computer, and financial literacy. “Susan is truly dedicated to the people we serve and made it her personal mission to make sure they not only received a decent and affordable place to live, but also access to the tools needed to succeed in life.”

Sisk will continue to provide critical oversight to CHP as a newly appointed member of the organization’s board of directors. “While Susan’s day-to-day leadership, perspective, enthusiasm, and presence will sincerely be missed, we are pleased to have her expertise and experience in a board capacity. The foundation she has laid during her time with CHP and her continued guidance as a board member will ensure CHP remains a leader in the industry and a vital organization for many years to come,” said Casper.