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Food for Thought

During the school year, many youth in low-income neighborhoods do not receive well-balanced evening meals because their caregivers work late hours or cannot afford nutritious food. In the summer, getting three square meals becomes an even greater challenge for these children without daily access to a school lunch or breakfast. Though economic times hit everyone hard, those families living on the edge suffer first and worst. Countless studies show that children must receive appropriate nutrition in order to develop properly and perform well in school.

Thanks to CHP's resident services programs, however, young residents at several of our apartment communities have safe, nurturing places to go after school and in the summer to receive free wholesome food and support from caring individuals. In fact, CHP's
resident services staff and local partnering organizations served 39,097 meals or snacks to children and some seniors at 24 of our communities in Virginia and Florida between January and August of this year alone.

“So many of our households are struggling to provide their families with three balanced meals each day, but CHP’s food programs ensure that hundreds of children get at least one healthy meal or snack every day. It’s a huge relief to the families, and you can tell that it means a lot to the kids, too,” said CHP Resident Services Director Angie Roberts-Dobbins. “Seeing the children’s smiles when they receive that granola bar or plate of hot lasagna makes you realize just how important these programs really are.”