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Living the Green Life

Grayson Manor

The grass—and a whole lot more—may get a little greener at Grayson Manor Apartments this fall when CHP Resident Services launches The Green Life initiative for the community’s senior residents.

Funded by a grant provided by the Pink House Foundation, The Green Life program will focus on resource conservation and green living at the 32-apartment complex in Independence, Virginia.

To be delivered on a monthly basis by a CHP Resident Services Coordinator, the new environmental awareness initiative will include the development of resident-led recycling and composting programs, in which residents will be able to recycle plastic, paper, and aluminum and compost food scraps to be used in the three on-site community gardens. To facilitate these efforts, CHP will provide recycling and compost bins in the common areas of Grayson Manor. The Grayson County Public Works Department has offered free recycling pickup at the rental community.

In addition to these offerings, a resident Green Team will be formed to address environmental successes on the property and discuss the needs of the larger community. This group will host an America Recycles Day event for the town of Independence, where residents will be able to share what they have learned through The Green Life program at Grayson Manor and teach others in the community about making environmentally-responsible choices in their daily life.

To Grayson Manor resident Mary Ivey, the recycling program in particular will be a welcome addition to the community. "Recycling has been important to me for a lot of years. It helps me keep my home cleaner and less cluttered, but I also know I'm doing my part to protect our resources and the environment for the next generation," Ivey said.

CHP Vice President of Resident Services Angie Roberts-Dobbins explained that The Green Life initiative "...is an excellent opportunity to increase resident awareness of current and future environmental concerns while fostering social interaction and community involvement. We are very grateful to the Pink House Foundation for helping CHP make this program possible."