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Makeover Magic

CHP Realty recently breathed new life into a tired cottage located in Vinton, Virginia, creating what many would describe as a perfect first-time home for an individual or family.

Donated to CHP by the Chase Community Revitalization Program in 2013, the once shabby three-bedroom home underwent a complete renovation funded in part by the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development’s Trust Stabilization Program and led by CHP Project Manager John O’Donnell. It is now for sale by CHP Realty to a household working to realize the dream of homeownership.

The updated Cape-Cod-style house has the character and charm frequently found in older homes with all of the conveniences of new construction, including replacement windows and doors, new energy-efficient appliances, refinished floors, remodeled bath, new HVAC, new roof, energy efficiency retrofit measures, and more.

“Buying a home such as the one we have listed in Vinton is an excellent way for someone to improve his or her financial stability,” said CHP Director of Homeownership and Principal Broker Kamilia. “Most people usually find that homeownership is also a source of pride, independence, privacy, and security.”

Interested homebuyers are asked to meet with CHP Senior Homeownership Advisor Ryan Stenger to undergo an affordability analysis, and like all of CHP Realty’s clients, must also attend a homebuyer education class.

“At CHP, we’re here to help you become more knowledgeable and feel more at ease during the home-buying process. As part of our homeownership program, we provide free homebuyer education classes for first-time homebuyers. Through the classes, our clients learn different aspects of the home-buying process, including personal finance, budgeting, credit coaching, qualifying for a loan, negotiating a purchase, applying for a mortgage, home maintenance and foreclosure prevention,” explained Stenger. “Our goal is to teach our clients how to make wise consumer choices and become successful long-term owners.”

“CHP is committed to revitalization projects such as this and others we're working on in Roanoke's West End neighborhood because we understand the vital role homeownership plays in improving lives, creating jobs and economic opportunities, and strengthening our neighborhoods,” said Lawson.