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City of Hampton Gets a Lift

A vacant city block in Hampton, Va., will undergo more than just a facelift thanks to $308,600 in funding awarded to Community Housing Partners (CHP) and the Hampton Redevelopment and Housing Authority (HRHA) from Wells Fargo’s UrbanLIFT community grant program.  Funded by Wells Fargo and administered by NeighborWorks America, the UrbanLIFT community grant program is designed to provide support to local nonprofits for neighborhood revitalization projects in 25 metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) with diverse populations that were impacted by foreclosures.  CHP and other grant recipients participated in a competitive application process in which awards were based on the applicant's capacity and demonstrated experience.

With the money received from the grant, CHP and the Hampton Redevelopment and Housing Authority are partnering to complete comprehensive site work as a component of an affordable senior independent housing complex in Hampton called King's Arms. The 48-unit complex will also be available to seniors with disabilities and senior veterans.

“This grant and partnership will afford HRHA the opportunity to further our mission of providing decent, safe, and affordable housing for residents in the City of Hampton,” said HRHA Commmunity Development Director Aaru Ma’at.

Transformation of the block will include comprehensive site improvements such as new sidewalks, roads, and parking areas; street and parking-lot lighting; brick terraced seating areas; a mix of native trees, shrubs, and flowers to filter and clean storm water from adjacent paved surfaces and provide aesthetic interest year-round; and underground storage to meet storm water quantity requirements while remaining hidden from public view.

CHP is also the lead architect on the project and will design the facility to standards established by EarthCraft Virginia—a third-party, “green” certification for sustainable, affordable, and energy-efficient design and construction. 

"The City of Hampton was significantly impacted by the housing downturn, but with assistance from the Wells Fargo’s UrbanLIFT community grant program, we can help provide desirable and affordable housing options for a traditionally underserved segment of the population and promote a more vital, sustainable community," said CHP Vice President of Architecture Colin Arnold.