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CHPC Partners to Create Sustainable Living Education Center

Floyd, Va. - As part of Community Housing Partners (CHPC) commitment to environmental sustainability, the organization partnered with the Association of Energy Conservation Professionals (AECP) and the Jacksonville Center, a community center for the arts in Floyd, Virginia, to develop a Sustainable Living Education Center (SLEC). The purpose of SLEC is to use demonstrations, exhibits and working systems to provide interactive education that will help the public understand the importance of sustainability and how to incorporate sustainable practices into their home and daily lives. As a major sponsor since the initial planning stages, CHPC donated full weatherization services to the develop the energy SLEC building. The organization also donated funds to purchase and install a 102-watt solar panel, and to construct a straw bale building which will provide insulation services.

The center, which will be free to the public, is scheduled to open in June and will feature a rainwater collection system, straw bale building, wind turbine, and an education room. Billy Weitzenfeld, director of AECP, said the future work of SLEC will impact CHPC in several ways. “Education is the key to a more sustainable society and this effort will help pave the road for all of CHPC’s sustainable ventures,” he said. “A more aware and better educated general public will positively impact funding for sustainable projects and potential legislation for future activities. It will also allow such organizations to further its activities by improving building codes to include more energy efficient requirements and great use of green building products.”

As partners in sustainable education - both the belief and practice - CHPC and its partners will continue to serve as a model for future environment sustainable efforts.

For more information, contact Bill Beachy, Vice President of Energy Services, bbeachy@chpc2.org