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CHP One of Largest Affordable Multifamily Property Managers in U.S.

Christiansburg, Va. -- With over 5,500 affordable housing units in its portfolio, CHP has been ranked by The National Affordable Housing Management Association (NAHMA) as one of the 100 largest affordable multifamily property managers in the U.S. The ranking follows CHP’s recent listing by Affordable Housing Finance magazine as one of the country’s top 50 affordable housing owners.
For over 25 years, CHP has managed its own rental communities in Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Florida, while also providing management services to other like-minded organizations on a fee-for-service basis.
According to Scott Reithel, CHP’s vice president of property management, his organization is “dedicated to providing high-quality, holistic property management services.” Reithel adds that what sets CHP apart in a highly competitive marketplace is its “commitment to our residents. We manage our properties because we believe that people with low to moderate incomes deserve quality, safe, affordable housing. This means more than just a roof over someone's head -- it means neat, well-maintained grounds and community space, timely repairs and upgrades, and quality management staff.”
NAHMA’s Affordable 100 list, which may be viewed here, was created in an effort to accurately determine the portfolio size of the nation’s affordable multifamily units receiving at least one of following federal subsidies: HUD Project-based Assistance, Section 42 LIHTC, HOME funds, bonds and USDA Section 515.