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Celebrating Health & Diversity

On the cool, quiet night of September 29, eight CHP employees and one board member attended the 37th Montgomery County/Radford City/Floyd County NAACP Freedom Fund Banquet at the Inn at Virginia Tech. As a bronze sponsor of the event, CHP was presented with a plaque to commemorate the evening.

“CHP is honored to have been a sponsor,” said CHP Director of Human Resources Clay McCoy. “We are very excited about the relationship we have recently developed with the NAACP, with whom CHP has been working to increase our diversity recruitment efforts. CHP’s goal is to continue developing connections and partnerships with NAACP branches throughout our organization’s operational footprint to help make more individuals aware of our job opportunities.”

Keynote speaker Dr. Alison Scott from the Kinesiology and Health Sciences Department at College of William and Mary spoke to the banquet’s topic: Health and Wellness in the Community. She discussed the correlation between access to preventative health measures and one’s life expectancy, pointing out that “the disenfranchised will live shorter lives because of higher stress levels and an inability to access proper nutrition.” According to studies cited by Scott, individuals with lower incomes tend to experience negative health impacts due to several factors such as a lack of access to fresh fruits and vegetables, the concentration and convenience of fast food in impoverished areas, sedentary lifestyles, cumulative effects of high stress on the heart and other organs, and a demonstrated correlation between the health of individuals who have access to affordable housing/homeownership and those who do not.

“The relationship between good health and access to safe, affordable housing and homeownership opportunities has a particularly strong resonance with CHP and is yet another reason why we are so committed to our mission,” said Clay. “It is very humbling to feel each of us at CHP has a part in contributing to healthier communities, and that should be a great source of pride for all of our employees” added Clay.