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Introducing the MTS Team

The combined creative and technical expertise of the Media Technology Solutions (MTS) team at CHP’s Energy Solutions Research and Training center (formerly New River Center for Energy Research & Training (NRCERT)) is pretty impressive. This team of three (Tom Snediker, Training Program Project Manager; Alan Scherry,Training Program Specialist/Videographer; and Van Garnett, Media and Graphic Content Designer) provides training and learning solutions for its trainees--and external clients--using media and technology. According to Tom, his colleagues and he are experts in learning theory, curriculum development and evaluation, information technology, computer application development, media production (including video, 3D animation, audio, and graphic design), web design, technical writing, technology evaluation, and research. “These areas of expertise allow us to work closely with training experts to leverage their knowledge and understanding in a way that translates into an effective learning event, whether it is a short video, a live seminar, an online course, or a full curriculum,” he explains.

With this arsenal of brains, creativity, technology, and equipment, the MTS team is able to:
- Develop custom-tailored course curriculums
- Facilitate technical, occupational, management, leadership, and community outreach  training
- Remotely train individuals in different geographic locations
- Develop memorable promotional materials
- Research and develop new technologies and instructional methods.

And that’s just the tip of the iceburg! According to Mark Jackson, Vice President of NRCERT, this group of diversely talented individuals has skills and capabilities that transcend job descriptions. “Their balance between shared and unique skills allows us to not only decrease production time but also increase the number of creative solutions we can offer,” says Mark.