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CHP's Architecture Division Turns Ten

Ten years ago, CHP recommited itself to reducing the environmental impact of affordable housing, while promoting economic self sufficiency and long-term social well bing for its residents. This focus on sustainable housing opportunities coincided with the arrival of Frederick P. Rose Architectural Fellow Colin Arnold to the CHP team and culminated in the establishment of Community Design Studio, LLC (CDS). Under Arnold's leadership as Director and Lead Architect, CDS has since grown into an award-winning firm dedicated to attractive, affordable, and efficient community-focused designs. Using a collaborative design process, CDS assists community development corporations and like-minded organizations with their building design needs while also offering guidance in sustainable development and planning practices. Its team members are LEED®-accredited professionals experienced in EarthCraft and cohousing community development.

While recently reflecting upon the past decade, Arnold said he has several reasons to be proud of CDS and its accomplishments, one of them being the design and completion of the Tekoa Boys Home (now CHP's corporate office) in Christiansburg, Virginia. The LEED® Silver-certified facility was CDS' first major commission and has become known throughout the region as a model for energy efficiency and environmental stewardship.

"I am also proud that CDS is now recognized on a national level for its work," added Arnold. "CDS is a multi-disciplinary firm that promotes thoughtful, responsible design. We work continually to optimize building performance while creating a livable and functional space within the available budget. As a result, CHP has earned a reputation for excellence in the creation of affordable and sustainable housing."

And given CDS’ impressive lists of current projects, such as the LEED® Gold-certified Porter Avenue Triplex in Elkin, West Virginia and the universally-designed Angel Court homes for elderly  residents in King George, Virginia, there’s little doubt that the firm will continue to excel well into the future!