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CHP Receives National Recognition for Excellence in Property Management

Christiansburg, Va. – The National Affordable Housing Management Association (NAHMA), headquartered in Alexandria, Va., announced that Christiansburg’s Community Housing Partners (CHP) recently received national recognition as a Community of Quality® for outstanding management of Friendship Village Apartments located in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Through the Communities of Quality® (COQ) National Recognition program, affordable multifamily rental properties can be certified as having achieved a high standard of excellence in the way they are maintained and managed, the services they provide residents, the experience and training of personnel, and other criteria.

To be recognized as a National Community of Quality® (COQ), a property must receive a high score based on six criteria: Physical Inspections; Employee Credentials; Financial Management; Programs and Services; Endorsements; and Photographs and Reports. Applicants must score a minimum total of 325 points in these categories.

As manager of a nationally recognized COQ, NAHMA acknowledged that CHP provides the highest-quality affordable housing to lower-income residents while adding value to its larger community. It scored high on inspection of its physical plant by an objective reviewer and on the quality of management reviews, audits, replacement reserves and other criteria. Its staff members were judged on their credentials, such as those earned through NAHMA (e.g., a Certified Professional of Occupancy, a National Affordable Housing Professional or a Housing Credit Certified Professional) or by credentials awarded by other industry associations or organizations.

CHP was also honored for Friendship Village’s resident services and programs, such as Virginia’s oldest U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)-recognized Neighborhood Network computer center, as well as variety of resident service programs for children and adults.

Among the endorsements received by Friendship Village Apartments were those from HUD, the Virginia Housing Development Authority (VHDA), Senator Mark Warner, and many of the property residents.

“There are thousands of providers of affordable multifamily housing in the nation,” said NAHMA’s Executive Director Kris Cook. “Community Housing Partners is among the select few that have achieved the very highest standard of excellence in property management and in the provision of services to lower-income families. These services enable residents to attain high levels of self-sufficiency and success in their lives and for their families. The work done by CHP and the Friendship Village staff is a credit to its entire community.”

Scott Reithel, CHP’s vice president of property management stated “The outstanding cooperation over the years between CHP, our residents, the Virginia Beach community, and HUD has been integral to Friendship Village Apartments’ standing as a true Community of Quality.”

About the National Affordable Housing Management Association (NAHMA)
NAHMA is the leading voice for affordable housing management, advocating on behalf of multifamily property managers and owners whose mission is to provide quality affordable housing. NAHMA holds a unique position in the industry as the advocate for professional multifamily management standards. It supports legislative and regulatory policy that promotes the development and preservation of decent and safe affordable housing, is a vital resource for technical education and information, fosters strategic relations between government and industry and recognizes those who exemplify the best in affordable housing. Founded in 1990, NAHMA's membership today includes the industry's most distinguished multifamily management companies and owners. For more information about the National COQ Recognition program and NAHMA, the leading voice for affordable housing managers and owners, visit www.nahma.org.