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Awards from Our Partners Equals Rewards for Our Residents

Community Housing Partners (CHPC) would like to thank and gratefully accept the following grant awards and honors received this summer:

NeighborWorks® America awarded CHPC $265,000 for the second round of 2006. Included in that grant award is a $30,000 Home Depot Foundation Green Building Award, which will support CHPC’s green building efforts to significantly reduce or eliminate the environmental impact of buildings. Also included is a $10,000 Learning Center Consortium Award, which will support CHPC’s delivery of resident services.

Community Affordable Housing Equity Corporation (CAHEC) awarded CHPC a $5,000 Open Doors Homeownership Grant, which will support the sale of the 14 Blacksburg Duplex Project units. This includes advertising, counseling and home buyer education through CHPC’s homeownership center. 

Virginia Sustainable Building Network (VSBN) announced the 2006 Virginia Green Innovation Awards, presenting CHPC Architect Colin Arnold with a Green Designer award. Each year VSBN recognizes Green businesses, designers, and community programs that represent the best in Virginia. Colin was recognized for his efforts to promote green building and sustainable development.

Virginia Housing Coalition celebrated their 25th Anniversary by recognizing 25 housing leaders and their vital contributions over the last 25 years. CHPC President Janaka Casper was recognized for CHPC’s efforts to improve housing conditions in Virginia. Janaka attributed CHPC’s success to the talented and passionate colleagues and staff who share in the goal of social justice.

One way to promote CHPC’s social sustainability efforts is to empower the youth in the communities we serve. Faith-based partner Engrafted Word Ministries, Inc. works with students at three of our Tidewater multi-family properties to increase their academic performance.This spring, 40 students and 7 adults took their learning outside of the classroom to our nation’s capitol. Wearing T-shirts with their apartment community and their congressman’s name, the students met Congressman Bobby Scott of Portsmouth, Virginia, who talked to them about how to get involved with their government. They have already made plans to return to Washington, DC later this year.