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CHP Spruces Up Richmond Rental Property During Affordable Housing Awareness Week

Richmond, Va. — Community Housing Partners (CHP) and several other local non-profit housing organizations recently partnered together to hold the third annual Affordable Housing Awareness Week in Richmond, Virginia.

“The need for affordable housing in the Richmond Metropolitan area is an issue of growing importance, as it affects the health and economic well-being of communities and people across the region,” said CHP Executive Vice President & COO Orlando Artze.

Throughout the week, local employees were given the opportunity to complete a day-long service project with one of the participating housing non-profits, including a grounds beautification and landscaping project at CHP-managed Maury Park Senior Apartments,
a rental property for low-income senior citizens. Residents of the independent living facility also lent a hand, offering assistance with weeding, mulching, and planting flowers.

Located in the Historic Manchester Neighborhood of South Richmond, Maury Park Senior Apartments is housed in what was once the site of Matthew F. Maury Elementary School.