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CHPC Celebrates 30th Anniversary

“If you need to see an example of your success, then just look at me. I wouldn’t be here today without CHPC’s efforts to help build our communities. I am who you serve.”

Eddie Howard, a former resident of Community Housing Partners’ (CHPC) multi-family property Blue Ridge Commons in Charlottesville, Virginia, was just one of six clients who spoke on behalf of our various services at CHPC’s 30th Anniversary Celebration.

On June 8, past and present CHPC board members and employees, local, state and federal officials and partners, and representatives of CHPC’s clients joined in Blacksburg, Virginia to celebrate 30 years of service. The evening’s theme, “Time Flies...” reflected on the organization’s accomplishments since the last anniversary held five years ago, and focused on the future of expanding affordable housing in the southeast.

“We’ve achieved so much in the past five years and have moved forward as an organization,” Janaka Casper, President and CEO of CHPC said. “And true to our theme, time really does fly when our organization and partners are working and doing so much to further our mission of strengthening communities and creating opportunities for the people we serve.”

To date, CHPC owns and/or manages 4,011 rental units, employs more than 300 qualified staff, and has served over 150,000 individuals in three decades of service.

Those achievements are a result of productive and valuable relationships with partners that expand support for sustainable community development. Representing just some of those relationships, VHDA Executive Director Susan Dewey, DHCD Director Bill Shelton and NeighborWorks® Mid-Atlantic District Director Tim Adams spoke of the power of partnerships.

But perhaps the portion of the evening that demonstrated CHPC’s growth and success more accurately is the success of our clients.

For example, Howard now works with CHPC’s faith-based partner Abundant Life Ministries to provide resident services to the same community he was raised in. Perhaps he illustrated CHPC’s progress best when he said, “If we can take away one thing from this anniversary celebration, it would be to remember why we serve and to encourage others like myself to assist their communities.”