Corporate Social Responsibility

CHP has always believed in the principle of sustainability in which our ethical and conscious conduct preserves or advances the social, economic, and environmental integrity of the communities we serve.

Our Board of Directors commits itself to ensure ambitious, mission-driven objectives are incorporated into CHP's annual strategic plan and to further guarantee the plan includes measurable objectives related to social, environmental, and economic sustainability for the company and our clientsThe company, through its employees, seeks innovative operational practices to achieve its established goals and fulfill its ethical commitment to the triple-bottom line: people, planet, and profit.

Social Sustainability

CHP believes all of our actions should help improve our clients' quality of life and build strong communities by promoting social interaction and cultural enrichment.

Environmental Sustainability

CHP believes all of our actions should contribute to a better environment for future generations. That is why everything we do focuses on long-term applications and our impact on the planet.

Economic Sustainability

CHP believes all of our actions should help ensure the economic vitality of the indiviudals and communities we serve, as well as that of our own organization, by pursuing and deploying resources to foster financial empowerment and well-being.