Executive Management

Janaka Casper
Chief Executive Officer
Jeff Reed
Andy Hall
Chief Operating Officer & Executive Vice President

Departmental Management

Kirsten Anderson
Vice President of Asset Management
Angie Roberts-Dobbins
Vice President of Resident Services
Mark Jackson
Vice President of Energy Solutions
Dianna Mastroianni
Vice President of Property Management
David Schultz
Senior Vice President of Development and Construction
Lance Sutherland
Vice President of Finance and Accounting
Michelle Arnold
Assistant Vice President of Property Management
Samantha Brown
Assistant Vice President of Development
Ben Brewer
Director of Procurement
Raj Casper
Director of Information Technology
Laura Croft
Director of Human Capital
Jake Powell
Director of Homeownership
Kimberly Strahm
Director of Corporate Development
Chrystal Strickler
Director of Compliance