At CHP Homeownership of Florida, we provide homebuyers the convenience and ease of one-stop shopping with a suite of Homebuyer Services. Our team ensures a straightforward home buying experience by helping you to improve your knowledge and comfort with the home buying process.

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Our Team

Jake Powell
Director of Homeownership - Christiansburg, VA
Walter Engelken
Director of Single-Family Realty and Development. Principal Broker
Alicia McCoy
Homeownership Client Services Manager - Christiansburg, Va
Jen Pollard
Community Relations Coordinator - Inverness, Fl
Sean McKenna
Homeownership Advisor - Inverness, Fl
Jim Ragsdale
REALTOR - Inverness, Fl
Donna Brown
Office Manager - Inverness, Fl
Debra Vergona
Single-Family Accountant - Inverness, Fl

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