Sustainable Design

As energy costs rise, the operating efficiency of service providers and housing management companies is adversely affected - particularly in low-income housing. To increase sustainability and reduce utility costs, CHP Design Studio has gained training and expertise in energy efficient design/build practices and technologies. Our team’s knowledge allows us to create housing that is safer, healthier, and more affordable for the owner. 

The Design Studio has developed or had a role in the development of more than 20 EARTHCRAFT-certified, green-built multifamily communities, totalling over 1,000  affordable housing units across Virginia. Our best practices exceed building code requirements and we air seal all building envelopes and duct systems to improve their performance and reduce utility bills for our customers. We also install ENERGY STAR windows, appliances, lighting fixtures, and HVAC units in all of our homes. The Studio's commitment to both the ENERGY STAR and EARTHCRAFT green building programs has informed our practices and product selections, helping us achieve our overarching goal to create built environments that are friendly to the environment, economical to operate, healthy, and durable for the long term.

In addition to sustainable design and construction, CHP ensures on-going maintenance and preservation of its properties by implementing internal green maintenance protocols and practices in our multifamily properties as outlined in a unique distance-learning curriculum created and delivered by CHP to our property management staff and other property managers across the country.