Architecture Services

Charrette Facilitation
CHP Design Studio hosts multiple integrated design charrettes, including pre-development meetings, with invited stakeholders such as local officials, proposed building occupants, residents of the neighborhood, as well as potential construction and funding partners. 

Site Planning 
CHP Design Studio analyzes a site or building to determine best use based upon the physical and construction capabilities of the site. CDS meets with state and local stakeholders to vet, refine, and attain consensus on the proposed plans, preparing accurate budgets, costs, and timelines to comply with external requirements. 

Architectural Programming
Programming focuses on specific facilities identified in the site plan and includes an evaluation of each selected building site in accordance with all applicable building codes, zoning requirements, surveying, and historical review requirements. Stakeholder and community engagement is encouraged and facilitated throughout the project to solicit community support and input.

Accessibility/Universal Design
CHP Design Studio has extensive knowledge and experience in the design of dwellings that meet or exceed HUD regulations interpreting accessibility requirements for Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. In addition to standard ADA requirements for accessibility, our staff has expertise in Universal Design.

Energy Efficient Design
CHP Design Studio certifies projects to EARTHCRAFT Virginia, ENERGY STAR and/or LEED green building programs. Using energy efficiency as a cornerstone, we create built environments that are healthier and friendlier to the environment, more economical to operate, easier to maintain and more durable for the long term.

Feasibility Studies
CHP Design Studio performs feasibility studies for its clients, which involves investigating and evaluating the potential of a site or building. It clearly describest the site's overall condition and significance, as well as its constraints and opportunities. Options are developed and compared; once is an option is approved, a program of work is identified. We recognize that the study is a means to an end and we aim to produce a document that is a useful tool that will guide our clients through the next stages of their project.

Historic Preservation