Thom Price

Dwelling Needs Evaluator

Coming from a career in traditional boatbuilding may seem like an odd transition for a Home Energy Auditor, but after the financial crash of 2008, that’s what Thom has done. Thom earned a BA from Berea College in Berea, Kentucky, and he received the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship in 1996 to spend a year in Venice, Italy learning about how gondolas are built. He ended up spending 11 years there with that pursuit. Thom became a BPI certified auditor in 2010, and he is particularly interested in the technology aspect of helping people save energy. Thom uses photometric 3D modeling of homes to calculate heat transfer, much the way he used 3D modeling to design the boats that he built at his boatyard in Italy. Thom and his husband have lived in Berea since 2007 where they develop low income rental properties—renovating them to be energy efficient and helping families transition into success. Thom is always ready to help CHP out on regional and national projects related to energy auditing and software tools.