Audel HVAC Fundamentals: Volume 1: Heating Systems, Furnaces and Boilers, All New 4th Edition

From the background and basics of heating systems to the newest chip-based technology, this first volume of Audel's HVAC Library gives you comprehensive information you need on the job. Whether you're installing, servicing, repairing, or troubleshooting an old or new heating system, you'll find what you're looking for, from wood and coal furnace maintenance to new calculations and the latest environmental technologies and regulations.

  • Review the basics of installation, wiring, and troubleshooting for different HVAC systems
  • Choose the correct system for the space, climate, and needs Compare the economy and efficiency of various fuel types
  • Install, maintain, and troubleshoot conversion units
  • Find formula cross references, data tables with conversions, and listings of trade organizations and equipment manufacturers