Asset Management

CHP has been in the housing management business since 1991, with properties in Florida, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, and Kentucky. We manage our own properties and offer our services to other like-minded organizations in the eastern United States. Our properties include conventional and tax-credit properties, Section 8-eligible developments, and housing communities designed to serve senior citizens and persons with disabilities.

CHP has an ongoing commitment to our residents that includes well-maintained grounds and community space, timely repairs and upgrades, skilled management staff, and a healthy living environment where neighbors know and support each other and work together to address issues that affect them and their community.

Delivering Value
By managing our own properties, we ensure that they are run efficiently and in a way that reflects our values and priorities. CHP's managers, service coordinators, and maintenance staff work diligently to keep our buildings in top condition and ensure that our properties remain viable and competitive.

Supporting People and Communities
We promote resident self-sufficiency by offering educational opportunities related to life and job-readiness skills. With information and insights gained through the NEIGHBORWORKS Success Measures metric, we also work with our residents and stakeholders to provide leadership and community engagement opportunities.

Promoting Environmental Responsibility
All our properties feature energy-efficient and eco-friendly amenities, such as low-VOC paints and finishes, native landscaping, and energy efficient lighting. We also encourage our residents to adopt sustainable practices in their daily lives through resident service programs, including recycling and community gardening. These efforts keep our communities healthier for long-term operation.