Testimonials about CHP

Following is a sampling of testimonials and accolades about CHP, its programs and its people:

WEATHERIZATION "I would recommend the weather program to anyone trying to conserve energy in their home." L. YATES in Culpeper, Virginia


WEATHERIZATION "Everyone worked well together and did an outstanding job. Everyone was very courteous and friendly. I enjoyed meeting them. The instructions and materials exceeded my expectations. I really appreciate everyone & everything the weatherization group has done for me. I really don't know what I would have done without you. Thank you very much!!" B. Jenkins in Gordonsville, Virginia


ENERGY CONTRACTING "All work was done way beyond our expectations. We are very happy with all the work. All workers were very polite and extremely hard working. We are very grateful for everything CHP has done." J. DUNN in Pulaski, Virginia


CHP CONSTRUCTION "Community Housing Partners has sustained a level of workmanship. The housing is unlike any other. Community Housing Partners has a vast reputation of delivering affordable and decent housing, but the care and the meticulousness that they take with our units is beyond construction. It goes and extends on to the tenants as far as learning about the appliances, how to care for the units." FRONCE WARDLAW, Executive Director of Project Faith in King George County, Virginia


TRAINING CENTER “The class was excellent. It was equally beneficial to [inspectors] and contractors.” BILL ALDRIDGE, Chief Building Inspector


TRAINING CENTER “Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me this afternoon about the energy auditing program. It can be very difficult to break into a new field with limited information so it meant a great deal to me that you took the time and patience to point me in the right direction to get started.” PAM MARTIN, Class Attendee


TRAINING CENTER “[The trainer] provided a great training with wonderful passion. Folks truly bragged on his ability to convey the material and make a practical difference. Thanks again for partnering with us in this manner. We cannot impact the Charlotte community for good without organizations like [CHP Energy Solutions Research and Training] encouraging, equipping and challenging us to serve. In this particular partnership, a family will be spared from being exposed to a gas leak.” TIM O'NEIL, Director of Habitat for Humanity Charlotte's Critical Home Repair


TRAINING CENTER “I just wanted to thank you and everyone at CHP Energy Solutions Research and Training for a great weatherization training last week. Everyone had a fabulous time learning more about weatherization and getting some hands-on experience with some wonderful trainers. I think everyone came away with a much greater appreciation for what the weatherization crews do on a daily basis.” ALICE GASTON, National Association for State Community Service Programs


TRAINING CENTER "I want to thank you and your staff for the exceptional work (on a multifamily project) that was accomplished.... The audit team's work was thorough and high quality. Together they produced a document in four days that would normally take two weeks. Your team has demonstrated the persistence, commitment, competence and dedication that any organization would be proud of." TED EDLICH, President and CEO of Total Action For Progress


ENERGY CONTRACTING "Although all of us were aware, one of our cats got into the attic before insulation. (CHP) did their absolute best to rescue t before doing work! They gave adequate time before resuming work after the cat was safe. They treated the matter very seriously. I appreciate that." ASHLEY SMITH, Homeowner


CHP REALTY "Homeownership empowers me. It's a place of stability in my life, so it means security to me. Owning my own home was a long time coming, so when it finally came...I was very happy. Just being able to own my own home is amazing. It's mine -- no more renting!" LEONARD WALKER, Homeowner in Pulaski, VA


RESIDENT SERVICES “The community center has really allowed me to experience new things and also improve my life. While at the community center I am able to apply for jobs, finish applying to college, and much more. I truly appreciate what Resident Services has done for me.” JENNIFER PERRIN, Resident at Yorktown Square/Rivermeade Apartments in Yorktown, VA


RESIDENT SERVICES "The participants really enjoyed the project and felt as if it was therapy. We had more participation than expected, which was so exciting," wrote Pamela Chandler, Warwick's Resident Services Coordinator in Newport News, Virginia. Things are a little bit greener at the Warwick SRO, a CHP housing community in Newport News, Virginia, thanks to residents, staff, and family members who volunteered their time to perform landscaping and grounds beautification work on the property. Pamela Chandler, the Warwick's Resident Services Coordinator, says "Our volunteers were out there at 9:00 AM on the dot and worked all day. They are really proud of their work and so am I. Everyone worked together like angels...I felt like a proud mom!." PAMELA CHANDLER, CHP's Resident Services Coordinator at The Warwick


HOUSING SERVICES "When I moved in, I had nothing and was pregnant, but I had a feeling that something good was going to happen," says Laurie Ramos. Six years ago, Laurie Ramos was seeking American citizenship and a better opportunity for her husband and three children when she left her family in the Philippines to come to the United States. With an American-born son and a baby on the way, the eighteen-year-old found herself struggling to survive on Section 8 vouchers to rent a run-down apartment in a crime-ridden neighborhood in Yorktown, Virginia. In 2001, Community Housing Partners purchased the facility and rehabilitated it into The Woods of Yorktown, a vibrant family-friendly community that is a safe home to more than 200 children. Today, Laurie gives back to her community by cultivating beautiful roses outside of her home. LAURIE RAMOS, Resident at Woods at Yorktown


CHP REALTY Dear CHP, I'd like to take this opportunity to let you know how much I appreciate the help and support your organization provided to me in my experience as a first- time home buyer. I attended a VHDA homeownership class [presented by] your organization, and I gained...so much... You educated me on the home buying process, counseled me when I had questions or concerns, advocated for funding on my behalf, and even attended my closing when I purchased my home. The support that your organization provided to me was phenomenal. I'm truly blessed and will be forever grateful for your guidance in helping me to realize my dream of owning a place to call my own . Thank you...for the services you provide to the citizens of our community." Sincerely, JOAN M. LUGO


WEATHERIZATION “I am so appreciative of all CHP did for me. I don't know what I would have done without them. My new bathroom is the best present ever!" wrote Lillian Quesenberry. Seventy-five-year-old Lillian Quesenberry has lived in rural southwestern Virginia for more than 50 years, where she made a modest living working as a nurse's aid in a retirement home. But things began to unravel for the family when her husband died of cancer a few years ago and then Quesenberry herself fell ill, requiring triple heart bypass surgery. “Our medical bills totally wiped me out,” said Quesenberry. “I almost lost my house, so I couldn't even think about being able to pay for repairs needed on the place.” Continual water damage from corroded pipes had slowly rotted away the floorboards, walls, and ceiling in the home's only bathroom, ultimately making it dangerous to use. “I called CHP's Emergency Home Repair department when the bathroom got so bad that I couldn't use it anymore,” Quesenberry said. CHP soon dispatched a crew to repair the non-functioning bathroom. In the end, the existing room had to be gutted, and all new flooring, walls, and appliances were installed. LILLIAN QUESENBERRY, Homeowner


WORKING AT CHP “There's just no way we could have handled what needed to get done without Meghan's commitment and hard work," says Bill Beachy, Meghan McMillen's supervisor at CHP. Meghan McMillen started work with CHP's Energy Solutions division as Operations Coordinator, just as the department began to more than double its staff size to meet the significant increase in weatherization jobs that resulted from the award of federal stimulus money. Meghan's hire also coincided with the Training Center's receipt of its funding commitment from the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD). She stepped up to support both the Energy Services Department and the Training Center, helping to ensure the smooth growth for both CHP's weatherization and training programs. Meghan quickly learned the “ins and outs” of federal grant procurement requirements and used this new knowledge to ensure our compliance of grant terms and support the acquisitions needed for the amplification of our weatherization services and the upfit of Energy Solutions' new training facility. She also handled all administrative requirements related to the hiring of 26 additional weatherization staff members, and orientation and supervising new administrative staff. "I am personally grateful to Meghan for the support that she has provided me and think that she is deserving of recognition.” BILL BEACHY, Meghan McMillen's Supervisor at CHP


WORKING AT CHP “We now have a whole new line of business doing rehab for folks and I attribute that totally to Brett Hood," says his boss at CHP. Brett Hood, as a relative newcomer to CHP, “hit the ground running” from the day he started in CHP's Energy Solutions business segment -- not only getting his assigned work done, but going the extra mile in figuring out new or better ways to do the work. Since 2010, he has exceeded his supervisor's and co-workers' expectations. Chris Heslep, operations director of Energy Services division, explained that Brett's prior work experience as a general contractor has helped him to easily transition from the private sector to CHP. “And because he brings a private sector perspective to the weatherization work, he is able to add some significant quality practices to our work.” Chris says Brett remains excited about the inevitable daily challenges and rewards of working with CHP programs and services, assisting clients, and working beside co-workers and subcontractors, sharing a unified goal. “Brett always strives to learn more in the area of housing and keeps working towards the refinement of our operational systems.” Brett received his Rehab Specialist certification and is currently pursuing a certification in Construction Management. Bill Beachy, Vice President of Energy Solutions, commented on Brett's contributions to CHP, stating, "His goals are clear and he understands the difficulties and challenges of working on government-funded programs. His willingness and enthusiasm are refreshing to see as he adapts to inevitable changes and works toward the goal of each project completion, or in his case, several projects at the same time! He seems to genuinely and respectfully strive to help the clients we serve, as well as his co-workers.” "I think that our production has basically doubled because of the work that we can complete due to his efforts and investment in energy services." BILL BEACHY, Vice President of CHP Energy Solutions


CHP CONSTRUCTION "It was amazing to watch how well Jeff and Claude successfully coordinated such a challenging project. It was like watching them put a thousand-piece puzzle together in record time. ” According to Todd Peacock, vice president of construction, Jeff Waller and Claude Pitzer have worked on many different projects for CHP over their tenures, but the two teamed up for the first time in 2011 on the $6 million renovation of Lynchburg High Apartments, a 74-unit project in Lynchburg, Virginia. So impressed with the individual and combined talents of these hard-working individuals, Todd chose to nominate the duo as 2011 Employees of the Year. Todd explained that although the Lynchburg High project was behind schedule before construction even began, it was ultimately finished ahead of schedule and on budget with minimal punch list items. Forty-one units, or approximately $3 million of work was in place by the end of April. “Due to their excellent relationships with local inspectors and subcontractors, the extreme deadlines were met and thanks to the project management of the team, all potential penalties were avoided, saving CHP money outside the budget,” said Todd. “Most importantly, Jeff and Claude delivered an exceptional project to a very satisfied client. The owners are so satisfied that they plan to negotiate their next project with us rather than competitively bid, as was the process for Lynchburg High Apartments.” When nominating Jeff (who was hired in 2001) and Claude (who came on board in 1984), Todd wrote, “Both men worked as a team to not only complete an exceptional renovation for satisfied customers, but they always kept the interests of CHP in the forefront. This is especially amazing since it was their first time working together.” "I can't think of two more deserving people for an award." Connie Snavely, the project owner's representative added, “Jeff and Claude were great for us to work with and they worked extremely well together. Jeff kept up with Claude's unbelievably fast pace by keeping him well-stocked with materials." CONNIE SNAVELY, Project Owner's Representative


HOUSING SERVICES “People have been so nice and encouraging, so it was worth waiting for,” says Mary Drummond. Six years ago, Mary Drummond suggested to her church that senior citizens in the Newport News, Virginia, area needed a safe community to call home. However, challenges and delays kept Mary from seeing her dream come true until CHP stepped in as a partner. CHP's construction team worked tirelessly to finish Checed Warwick, the 48-unit elderly residential property, in time to meet funding deadlines. In just four months after the property opened, Checed Warwick was fully leased in part due to Mary's recruiting efforts. She was so pleased with her new home, she spread the word to many others about her new community. MARY DRUMMOND, Resident of Checed Warwick


WEATHERIZATION “I want to thank CHP for giving me a wood stove. The crew even cleaned the chimney for me, which is a blessing being that I am 63 years old and disabled. It makes me happy....” DOUGLAS ARTHUR, Homeowner in Strasburg, VA


CHP REALTY “Buying a home ...... One needs great support and dependable people to be with you on the journey. Our family found this support in CHP's homeownership team.” THE ABAZIS, Homeowners in Blacksburg, VA


CHP REALTY "After unsuccessfully trying to sell the house ourselves, we decided to list the property with an EcoBroker and REALTOR with CHP Realty. We could not have made a better decision, says Billy Weitzenfeld." "My wife and I recently sold our home in which we had lived for over 30 years. We had renovated, remodeled, and in some cases, rebuilt this home over the years where our two children grew up. It was a very emotional decision to place the property on the market and engage in what we were afraid would be a difficult real estate experience. The opposite occurred (after listing with CHP). Within about five weeks, we had a contract in hand and this happened during the worst housing market in many, many years. The steps and process that ensued following the purchase contract being signed were incredibly smooth and without problem or setback. The entire process from beginning to end was like this --smooth, organized, and minimally stressful. Our REALTOR was attentive to our needs, very responsive to any questions or concerns we had, personable, professional, dependable, and reliable." BILLY WEITZENFELD, Seller


CHP REALTY “We feel so blessed and fortunate to be able to live in such a wonderful house that is so close to where we work. It's the perfect house for us,” says Amy Englund, a new homeowner in Blacksburg, Virginia. As they listened to CHP's Principal Broker, Kamilia Lawson, describe a new single-family development being designed and built by CHP on Cedar Hill Drive in Blacksburg, Virginia, outdoor enthusiasts Stephen and Amy Englund knew they were finally ready to make the leap into first-time homeownership. The young couple had decided early in their relationship that their dream home would be in an established neighborhood with a yard for gardening, street lamps to light the way in the evenings, neighbors to befriend, and plenty of storage for all of their hiking, camping, hunting, boating, and fishing equipment. “We were already familiar with CHP's reputation for building affordable, environmentally-friendly homes,” explained Stephen Englund, “so when we heard new houses were being built in our area, we quickly applied for one of the homes.” Once it was determined the couple met certain financial requirements, they enrolled in CHP's required first-time homebuyer class, which is designed to help prepare new homeowners for both the economic and practical aspects of homeownership. “We both took the course and it was very helpful,” said Amy Englund. Stephen Englund added, “We wouldn't be in a house without CHP. Affordability was the key to us buying a house, and CHP made that a reality for us with the already-low sale price, in addition to the financial assistance they provided us. Plus, we had the guidance of CHP's homeownership team throughout the whole process. They were very patient and walked us through step-by-step. We could ask questions any time, and they were always right there for us.” The Englunds were also impressed with the fact that the new houses on Cedar Hill Drive were built to ENERGY STAR standards, making them up to 35 per cent more energy efficient than traditional homes. “Sustainability is a big deal for us,” commented Stephen Englund. AMY and STEPHEN ENGLUND, New Homeowners


CHP REALTY "You may recall that I took the VHDA/CHP homebuyer course in late May. Thank you so much for your patience, insight, and guidance. You [have] such wonderful instructors/mentors and [they] truly did an amazing job at conveying a range of very useful information pertaining to credit, inspections, agents, home closing, etc. You guys are awesome. Thanks again for a terrific class." CHRIS CHOP, Homebuyer Education Class Participant


CHP REALTY “Home is pretty much the basis of my world," says Beverly Miller. "Things become so different when you're a parent because it's no longer about where you will sleep, it's about having a place that my child deserves.” Beverly Miller is a financial specialist, a mother, and a new homeowner thanks, in part, to CHP's homeownership team. Miller had previously purchased a home in California but found the process to be particularly unpleasant due high-pressure sales tactics she encountered. Miller states, “Everyone was trying to take advantage of us. It was about how fast they could get us to sign the dotted line and cut a check. Working with CHP was a completely different experience.” After relocating across the country to Virginia, Miller rented a home but soon found she wanted a place that she could caller her own... a place she could "put time and effort into and not have to walk away from a year later." However, Miller wasn't sure if homeownership would be in the cards for her as a single mother. But when she heard from friends about the work CHP did she decided to take a look into it. Miller enjoyed the eight hours of homeownership classes offered by CHP and says, “the classes gave me a lot more confidence about buying a home. When talking with lenders, etc. about buying, I knew the terminology because I had taken the classes.” Not only did the classes help dispel some of the intimidating aspects of buying a home, but Miller also valued the one-on-one time with CHP Homeownership and Realty staff throughout the home buying process and appreciated their efforts to go "above and beyond." With CHP Realty staff, Miller looked at several different homes but truly fell in love with the first one she visited. “I must have visited the house three or four times, “ Miller says, "but I almost lost the house when another offer on it was accepted." Fortunately, CHP staff were right on the ball when that offer fell through and made sure she knew the home was available again. Ultimately, everything worked out for Miller, and she and her daughter were able to move into the house they loved "We are all settling in nicely," reports a satisfied Miller. BEVERLY MILLER, New Homeowner in Blacksburg, Virginia


CHP REALTY “We both took a homeownership course through CHP and it was very helpful. It provided us with useful information regarding our personal finances, creating a budget, applying for a mortgage, and just understanding all the terminology associated with buying a home. I highly recommend this class to folks even thinking about buying a home. We wouldn't be in a home without CHP.” AMY and STEPHEN ENGLUND, Homeowners in Blacksburg, Virginia


HOUSING SERVICES "I live at Lynnhaven Landing Apartments. I have lived here for six years and we are very happy about the good things going on in the [neighborhood]. A big day here was the KaBoom! Playground Build Day. We are now able to have kids play safe here, and the staff takes pride in keeping the playground up. I also help small kids with games on the grounds. Lynnhaven is well-kept and a very helpful place to live. The residents and staff are all proud to be here. My thanks to CHP and the Lynnhaven staff for this!" With a lot of love," LEILA BRICKHOUSE, Resident at Lynnhaven Landing in Virginia Beach, Virginia