CHP offers a variety of health and dental insurance plans on a shared cost basis to our employees and their families, including same-sex domestic partners. CHP also offers long-term disability insurance and life insurance at no cost to the employee.

Flexible Spending Plan

CHP offers a Flexible Spending Plan that allows employees to set aside money on a before-tax basis to cover eligible health expenditures and dependent care expenses. Pre-tax medical and dependent care deductions can increase an employee's spendable cash through reductions in payroll taxes.

Retirement Package

CHP allows employees to set aside part of their salary into a 403(b) Retirement Savings Plan, encouraging long-term financial security with substantial economic and tax benefits. The plan offers both a traditional pre-tax savings plan as well as a Roth after-tax option. Eligible employees will also receive a company match to add to these savings.

Professional Development

CHP encourages employees to participate in continuing education opportunities to increase their knowledge, skills, and abilities. Our corporate training program delivers training and educational opportunities to support the professional growth of each employee.

Employee Recognition

The annual Employee Recognition Program rewards excellent performance by CHP employees. The main criterion for nomination and selection is service – service to our clients, service to work colleagues, service to the communities in which we work, and service to the company. The nomination may cite sustained excellent performance throughout the nomination period or may be based upon one or more specific achievements.