Construction Services

Since 1977, CHP Construction has engaged in both the preservation and new construction of single- and multifamily affordable housing communities and community facilities on more than 100 projects. CHP Construction maintains a qualified staff of management and supervisory personnel to ensure successful project completion.

Sustainable Building
CHP Construction creates "green" communities through sustainable site development to conserve natural areas; use of green, durable building components; advanced framing techniques; installation of water-saving appliances; cellulose insulation and duct sealing; ENERGY STAR appliances, lighting, windows and heating equipment; and our ecological materials management system that enables us to divert construction waste. Our expertise includes green building certification programs such as LEED, EARTHCRAFT and ENERGY STAR.

Construction Management
Our methods include:

  • Value engineering to increase project sustainability and financial feasibility
  • Low-impact/compact development to minimize site disturbance outside the building footprint
  • Use, management, and tracking of “green”/sustainable building materials that conserve resources
  • Creation of buildings that are financially and environmentally economical to operate, especially through energy-efficiency measures
  • Universal Design features that improve visitability and adapt to changing needs and lifestyles of our residents
  • Quick response time for revisions: CHP Construction typically provides a description of the impact to budget and schedule within a week of proposed revisions. More complicated or comprehensive revisions may take two weeks to review.
  • Fixed price contract: Typically, a fixed price contract is established following value engineering.
  • Incentives and Liquidated Damages: CHP will agree to stipulations for Liquidated Damages and incentives for early completion provided both are included and of comparable value. 

Contract Services
All of our services are offered as stand-alone, fee-for-service contracts or may be bundled to fit a client’s unique needs.